Sailing the H/V Vega (, Singapore to Jakarta, 26-30 April 2012

12th June 2012 | | No Comments

Keeping a 120-year-old Historic Vessel and her important maritime heritage alive for posterity is one of H/V Vega’s mission crafted by Capt. Shane Granger and Meggie Macoun, the owners of Vega. Preserving maritime heritage and also committing a humanitarian mission to carry cargos of medical, educational, and farming supplies to the communities she assists would be the Vega’s ultimate purpose of existence.

Nino Krisnan, the Kakanoo Marine CEO and BAYachts Team Leader, had an opportunity to sail the classic ketch as a volunteer crew member on 26-30 April 2012 from Singapore to Jakarta. The experience of sailing this true traditional rigged ketch brought more understanding on how good rig works and how solid and sound wooden vessel construction gives you the sailing confidence.

‘Purpose maximizing’ is one of Kakanoo Marine’s core values that we believe in and we find that being involved in Vega’s mission is a way of exercising the action that is in-line with our values.

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