Sailing the H/V Vega (, Singapore to Jakarta, 26-30 April 2012

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Keeping a 120-year-old Historic Vessel and her important maritime heritage alive for posterity is one of H/V Vega’s mission crafted by Capt. Shane Granger and Meggie Macoun, the owners of Vega. Preserving maritime heritage and also committing a humanitarian mission to carry cargos of medical, educational, and farming supplies to the communities she assists would be the Vega’s ultimate purpose of existence.

Nino Krisnan, the Kakanoo Marine CEO and BAYachts Team Leader, had an opportunity to sail the classic ketch as a volunteer crew member on 26-30 April 2012 from Singapore to Jakarta. The experience of sailing this true traditional rigged ketch brought more understanding on how good rig works and how solid and sound wooden vessel construction gives you the sailing confidence.

‘Purpose maximizing’ is one of Kakanoo Marine’s core values that we believe in and we find that being involved in Vega’s mission is a way of exercising the action that is in-line with our values.

The Surf Charter Boat Conversion Project Update, March 2012

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Continuing the story of ‘Wooden Vessel Assessment for Surf Charter Boat Conversion Project‘ and also the January 2012 update, as written in the News page before, we would like to share what we have achieved so far. The final lay out and exterior styling have been generated by combining the operation requirements and latest boat dimensions based on the latest measurement.

Resandi Sasmita from BAYachts team went to Padang, West Sumatra, to visit the boat which the original superstructure, bulkheads, lower deck construction had been taken apart. It left him a bare hull to be measured more accurately after which the lay out and exterior styling readjustment started from there.

After this conversion project is completed, the surf charter boat will look like the above 3D illustration. The 3D drawings were provided to manage our expectation of the shape of the boat and also help us to understand more about the proportion of the design.


Kakanoo Marine’s Blue Archipelago Yachts at Booth A23, DEEP Indonesia 2012, Jakarta, 29 March – 1 April 2012

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Blue Archipelago Yachts will have a booth at Booth A23, DEEP Indonesia 2012, Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, 29 March 1 April 2012.

We will present our team, existing projects, opportunities, and many more. We are happy to greet and welcome you at our booth to get to know each other and have some discussion.



The 38 meter Phinisi Yacht Construction Update, February 2012

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As per February 2012, the 31 planks of 36 hull planking at each side have been put in place.  The 38 m Bugis traditional phinisi yacht project keeps progressing.  Simultaneously with the hull construction progress, we have done other preparation and work execution in the engineering and procurement side to make sure that the vessel systems that have been designed will work, be procured as the required specifications, and later be installed correctly.

So far, this collaboration between the experienced Bugis traditional phinisi wooden boat builder and Blue Archipelago Yachts (BAYachts) team has brought us some great results and we are looking forward to having more until the end of the project.

2011-2012 Turning of The Year Sailing

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Spending the new year’s eve onboard a sailing yacht was one exciting experience. It happened when Nino Krisnan, the BAYachts team leader, did a turning of the year sail around the waters of Singapore and Batam-Indonesia in the end of December 2011 until January 2012.  Sailing in the one of the most important shipping lanes in the world was indeed quite something since we needed to sail around ships, anchored and steaming, during the day and night.

Sailing makes us in BAYacths get closer and closer to what we believe when we really feel what it is like when we are onboard a reliable yachts that give us the performance, safety, and also comfort.

The Surf Charter Boat Conversion Project Update, January 2012

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As we previously wrote in the article ‘Wooden Vessel Assessment for Surf Charter Boat Conversion Project‘, we have proceeded with the conversion design by doing the exterior styling, general arrangement, and also layout. The surf charter boat is to be operated in Mentawai Islands, off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. After exchanging ideas through email and phone conversation,  we met at our office in Jakarta to have a more focused discussion.

Following the intensive meetings and brain storming sessions (17, 18, and 20 January 2012) between the client and our team (Roy Sitinjak and Resandi Sasmita), we have made significant progress within the optimization between the surf charter operational perimeters (the needs) and  boat performance boundaries.  It was really a good sessions where we, the Blue Archipelago Yachts (BAYachts) team, had the opportunity to learn more on the surf charter operation nature as well as its requirements and transformed it into a charter boat design that works.

We had fun with all the good Indonesian food for lunch, dinner, and snacks provided by our in-house cook, as well as home made coffee-tiramisu cupcakes!. We hope that this fun will continue when the conversion work takes place until the converted surf charter boat is launched.

The 38 meter Phinisi Yacht Construction Update, December 2011

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Time flies when you are having fun, that what people say. But for us, time flies even faster when we are really enjoying what we are doing.  Since the keel laying ceremony that took place on 09 December 2011, our baby 38 m Bugis traditional phinisi yacht has grown quite noticeably and as per 12 December 2011, the hull planks are up as much as 11 planks from the keel up at each starboard and port side.

In this typical traditional Indonesian Bugis phinisi construction the method that is used, by the extraordinary talented Bugis wooden boat craftmen, is the hull plank set up first and followed by the frames later. To get the plank integrity while waiting for the frames to put in places, each plank side is connected to each other by wooden pegs as well as hot dipped galvanized steel bars. The use of the temporary mould frames is to give the hull shape accuracy to achieve the shape that has been designed by the naval architect. Installation of some of the solid wooden floors at each mould frame would give more hull shape integrity while the rest of the planks are keep going up following the mould frame shape guidance.

We are really blessed and grateful to be able to witness and be part of this traditional Bugis phinisi construction, built by the traditional Bugis-Konjo wooden boat craftmen in this 21st century. We will keep sharing our excitement and more news will be coming as our baby grows more and more each month until her launching day.

Wooden Vessel Assessment for Surf Charter Boat Conversion Project

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The BAYachts team, consists of Rosyid (boat system specialist), Roy Sitinjak (naval architect and construction team), and Resandi Sasmita (boat designer), was asked by a client to assess a wooden boat that once was a cargo vessel for frozen fish regarding to his plan to convert the boat into a surf charter boat to operate in Western Sumatran waters.

We were there,  on 14–18 November 2011, at Paotere harbour in Makassar, South Sulawesi to see the existing boat condition (construction, machinery and equipments) and technically assessed them and put the information as the key factor for the conversion planning.  The conversion work itself would consist of rearranging the whole superstructure and vessel layout (the general arrangement) to fulfill the surf charter intend of use.

Based on the vessel assessment results, we would be able to see the available options in matching the requirements and realistic conversion possibilities in order to create a reliable and dependable surf charter boat.

Seminar : Actions Towards the Vision of the Indonesian Boat and Yacht Industries

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In commemoration of the 10 years of the Naval Architecture program of the University of Indonesia (Teknik Perkapalan UI), a seminar with the topic of “The Prospects and Opportunities in Indonesia as a Maritime Country” was held at the UI campus on 22 October 2011.  The seminar was held by the Naval Architecture program students and Blue Archipelago Yachts (BAYachts) Team Leader was invited as a boat and yacht industry practitioner in supporting the marine tourism.

Nino Krisnan, the BAYacht Team Leader used this opportunity to give a presentation with the title of “Actions Towards the Vision of the Indonesian Boat and Yacht Industries” to share ideas of visionary actions with the audience that consisted of students (from university and high school), industry representatives, lecturers (interfaculty), maritime enthusiasts, etc.

The needs for boats and yachts in Indonesia are there, and they are to support the following national and regional maritime activities:

  • Transportation and logistic
  • Survey and exploration
  • Exploitation/utilization
  • Conservation
  • Health, safety & security


This was a good opportunity to gain awareness from the promising future of the boat and yacht industry potential and development in Indonesia. This would be achieved through visionary and bold coordinated actions among stakeholders.

The 38m Phinisi Yacht Keel Laying Ceremony

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On the good day of 9 November 2011, a momentous event took place in Sangkulirang, East Kalimantan.  It is the tradition of the Bugis Konjo builders to cherish the nascent ship and celebrate its building process by conducting the keel laying ceremony for every phinisi they build, including our baby 38 m Bugis traditional phinisi yacht. The ceremony was a party for everyone: owner, master builder, the builders and their families, and the BAYachts team (Nino Krisnan, Roy Sitinjak, and Resandi Sasmita). We had great fun and brought home a memorable experience.

The ceremony was held after all the dimensions and measurement final check was completed, prior to the erection of the stem and horn timber. Precision has always been one of Haji Abdul Wahab’s (the master builder) and the BAYachts’s main considerations.

Although there is much to be done, it was good to see that the first step of the construction went well.