The Projects

After valuable learning process in our past experiences, we want to put some of our highlighted on going projects that reflect the BAYachts basic values (the vision, mission and believes). Through these projects, we strive  with our best effort possible to construct a top of the line customized yachts in their league and aim for product that will be the guiding light within the region.


The 38 meter on Deck Phinisi Luxurious Sailing Yacht

The yacht was designed by Kasten Marine Design, Inc. from USA for a European client. Under BAYachts brand, Kakanoo Marine engaged in the building project as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project management consultant, working together with Haji Abdul Wahab (the builder of SY Silolona, SY Raja Laut, SY Dewi Nusantara, and SY Waow), from Ara, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, a well known traditional bugis phinisi master builder. This is a truly East meets West harmony.

It is all about turning your vision into yachts, and the vision that has been energizing  the creation of this vessel is :

“To be a luxurious exotic and sophisticated commercial charter sailing phinisi that honours onboard
guests with state o the art traditional homey atmosphere”

 This is the vision that we, the building team, believe and will be in every shade of our thought and action. The vision that will be elaborated into series of solid building project management execution work.



 The yacht is being built in East Kalimantan using ulin timber with traditional construction method enriched by the as good as possible construction materials suitable for marine applications (the hot dipped galvanized steel fasteners, marine adhesive sealants, etc.). The traditional bugis phinisi construction method use a plank first building sequence, i.e., the wooden frames will come later after the hull planks have been set in place with wooden pegs.


The ultimate vision of a high end ethnic interior styling and finishing as well vessel system equipment and installation is assured by implementing well prepared project planning, good execution, effective monitoring and controlling systems. Those efforts cover the engineering, procurement and construction/installation work since the beginning until the end of the project.

The Conceptual Interior Design.

The 37 meter Dive Charter Steel Yacht

With our own initiative, we are in the process of designing a twin engine, steel dive charter boat.  The idea began from the actual needs that came from divers and dive operators (technically, commercially and aesthetically). By putting both statutory and ship classification society relevant and applicable standards and regulations into consideration, we are generating a vessel design that would work to explore the Indonesian magnificent underwater world.

We put a name to this steel yacht, the Archipelago Explorer 37.  This yacht is still under a conceptual design phase and we have generated a 3D sketch drawing as shown below to give you ideas on the design results. The design is still far from complete but at this point some common ground perimeters have been set by our design team which consists of naval architects, marine engineers, professional recreational dive master and instructor, and vessel operation specialist. Those perimeters are the cornerstone of our further design process.