The Yachts

Looking at various sources of available definitions, the term of a yacht can be concluded into:

“a yacht is any of various relatively small vessels boat propelled by sail or motor, and used for pleasure trips, private cruising, racing, or the like.”

Some of the main characters of a yacht are:

  • As a marine vessel, yachts should be reliable in term of function, performance, construction, and safety.
  • For pleasure trips, yachts have to be able to bring ultimate pleasure to the people onboard.
  • For private cruising, yachts should give the tranquilizing atmosphere for the ones onboard seeking their sanctuary at sea.

The character of a yacht that we have in mind would be…

“Strong concept of a reliable marine vessel with comfort and detailed aesthetic touch
which brings pleasure and tranquility to the people onboard seeking their sanctuary at sea.”

Indonesian Traditional Wooden Yachts

Talking about the traditional wooden boat as part of maritime heritage of Indonesia… it has been a long journey and a journey that continues to be traveled now and in the future. It has been our passion since the beginning.

The phinisi schooner (pinisi, pinissi, or phiniq), the gaff rigged sailing vessel,  is one of the well known Indonesian traditional sailing wooden boats, originating from South Sulawesi, and is becoming the foot print for the Indonesian archipelago maritime heritage journey.

Once used and still used as a cargo vessel transporting goods within the vast archipelago, the phinisi now also takes part as charter yachts for sail ventures across the Indonesian magnificent archipelago as well as the neighboring South East Asian countries, catering the marine tourism activities.

Mostly built using the same method that has been used for generations, built by the people of South Sulawesi (the ethnic Konjo, Bugis, Makassar and Mandar).  It is part of their tradition and their pride. Building the phinisi traditional wooden boats is their way of life, the skill that they master in.

We have been working with well known and respected Indonesian phinisi traditional wooden boat builders from South Sulawesi (operating both in South Sulawesi and Kalimantan) for years.  We have reached a mutual understanding that enables us to work together respectfully, where tradition meets the latest innovations. What an excitement!

Non Traditional Yachts

Metal Yachts

When it comes to metal boat building, Indonesia has been significantly improving itself.  Numerous sophisticatedly equipped metal boats, both steel and aluminum, equipped with the latest technology, have been and are still being built in Indonesia, under the well recognized international ship classification society (see about IACS at survey and approval, servicing the highly regulated and standardized offshore oil & gas industry operations.

What about metal yachts? Through our vast network’s experience and expertise, we passionately believe that your metal yacht dreams can also be turned into reality here in Indonesia. Some of our metal boat networks’ work results are as shown in the below pictures.

Please look at our story about the Archipelago Explorer 37, the dive charter steel yacht conceptual design in the ‘Project’ page of our website.

Wooden Yachts

Our team members have been involved in a number of non traditional wooden boat building methods in Indonesia. What we mean by the non traditional wooden boat building method is building the wooden boat using designs and methods other than used by Indonesian traditional wooden boat builders.  This includes building wooden boat frames first, timber epoxy composite wooden boats, etc.

By having this hands on experience on the timber epoxy composite construction (the strip plank and double diagonal method), we have enriched ourselves with the boat production perspective.  This helps us a lot in doing our further services for our credible customers.